Dri Block Calibrators FAQ's

Q: Can insert blocks be interchanged between Tecal 140, 425 and 650 models?

A: As the Tecal 140 and 425 units use Aluminium this is not suitable for higher temperature operation in the 650 units.
The Tecal 650 type insert block is made from Aluminium bronze so the different expansion rates of the block and insert would lead to the block becoming siezed in the unit and inaccurate results.

Q: Can oil or heatsink compound be used to improve the fit of a sensor in the block?

A: Oil, heatsink compounds and greases should not be used as they harden and prevent a good fit into the base of the well. They can also contaminate and damage the components within the unit if they are used.
All Techne insert blocks are precision machined to suit the required probe sizes with the minimum clearance to allow their removal and ensure a close fit.