Liquid Calibration Baths FAQ's

Q: How long does it take to heat up the liquid calibration bath to the correct temperature?

A: Thermal energy required to heat water = (mass of water in kg) x (specific heat capacity of water in J/kg°C) x (temperature rise in °C)

For example, a 1KW heater should heat 12 litres of water from 17.5°C to 80°C in ? time:

12kg water x 4180 J/kg°C x (62.5°C) = 3135000 seconds per watt of energy
3135000/1000W = 3135 seconds
3135/60 = 52.25 minutes

Q: What additives are recommended for use water in a bath to prevent scale building up?

A: Techne recommends the used of demineralised water in the water baths, so the use of deionised water, particularly in hard water areas will help prevent the build up of scale. If the water bath does have limescale on the inside surfaces it is possible to use mild commercial kettle descaling agents. To prevent bacteria growing in the baths it is possible to use proprietary chemicals such SigmaClean® from Sigma Aldrich.

Q: Is it possible to continuously record the temperature of the thermoregulator?

A: The TU-20D and TU-20HT Tempunit thermoregulators both have an RS232 connection as standard. TechneWorks, the Windows-based software for recording the time, temperature and ramp rates is supplied with the TU-20HT as standard and can be obtained from Techne for use with the TU-20D.