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CH-5 Chiller and PC-5 Pump

The CH-5/PC-5 Chiller/Pump Unit is designed for use in conjunction with the TECAL 140 H & S Calibrators to achieve calibration temperatures down to -40°C.
This unit provides a chilled water supply which is pumped through the Heatsinks on the Tecal 140 H & S units allowing the Tecal to reach -40°C.

The unit is designed to run on distilled or deionised water.

The CH-5/PC-5 can also be used to pass chilled water through the cooling coil on the Liquid Calibration Baths (LCB) and Cooling Probe (FDB00CP) giving rapid cooling or a minimum temperature of +10°C.

Technical Specification

Specifications CH-5 and PC-5
Temperature range 4°C to 15°C
Cooling capacity 400W
Temperature Control Thermostat onoff
Electrical control Manual
Bath Capacity 5 litres
Pump capacity 20 litresminute
Pump Head height 6 metres with water
Bath Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 300 x 140 x 150
Overall Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 430 x 235 x 524
Weight 26.5kg

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
FCH5D CH-5 chiller, 230V 50Hz
FP52D PC-5 pump, 230V 50Hz
FCH5P CH-5 chiller,120V 60Hz
FP52P PC-5 pump, 120V 60Hz
Please note: Chillers & pumps used to be ordered as a kit (FCH5H 240V, FCH5P 120V) but are now ordered separately (as above). Price is unchanged

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