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FB-08 Accessories

Sample basket

The steel mesh sample basket safely holds samples away from the heating elements of the fluidised bath and assists retrieval of items from the bath. The basket contains a collar to reduce alumina spilling from the chamber. A sample basket is highly recommended. Fits both FB-08 and FB-08C.

Dust supression system and probe holder

The Dust Suppression System chimney (FFB08DS1) is combined with a Probe Holder (FFB08PR1 or FFB08PR2) to enable the FB-08/FB-08C user to seal the fluidised bath, making it suitable for calibration labs where airborne dust must be avoided.

Dust Suppression System and Probe Holder must be purchased together for correct fitting.

Probe holder FFB08PR1 accommodates 8 probes: 8mm x 281mm deep.

Probe holder FFB08PR2 accommodates 8 probes: 3mm, 4mm(x3), 5mm, 6mm(x2), 8mm x 300mm deep.

Probe Holders allow freeflow of alumina around the exterior of the holder preventing dead areas. At the base of each Probe Holder is a large steel equalization block surrounding the sensors, assuring constant uniformity, reduced temperature fluctuation and improved calibration accuracy. Stability and uniformity are >0.010°C in dead-bed mode with a Dust Suppression System.

Air Compressor

Techne can supply a free standing moisture and oil free air compressor complete with the necessary filtration system for installations where a compressed air supply is not available.

Replacement alumina (fine, white aluminium oxide)

To replace alumina lost through normal operation and removal of items from the bath. Accept no other substitute as performance and functionality cannot be guaranteed with third party suppliers.

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Net Weight
F7759 Steel mesh sample basket with collar 2Kg
FFB08DS1 Dust Suppression System with chimney. REQUIRES PROBE HOLDER 15Kg
FFB08PR1 Probe Holder 8 probes: 8mm x 281mm deep REQUIRES DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM 12Kg
FFB08PR2 Probe Holder 8 probes: 3mm, 4mm(x3), 5mm, 6mm(x2), 8mm x 300mm deep REQUIRES DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM 12Kg
FFB08FL1 Spare filter for Dust Suppression System 2Kg
F120D Air Compressor 230V, 50Hz, 1500W 36.5Kg
F5915 Air Pressure Regulator & Filter 2Kg
WHITE/ALO Alumina, white aluminium oxide, 25Kg 25Kg

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