CN-100 Cyclone and collection bin
CN-100 Cyclone and collection bin FA624 IFB-51 Basket F5243 Fan


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        IFB-51 basket (FA624)
        IFB-52 basket (7031658)
        IFB-101 basket (F5976)
        IFB-121 basket (F6426)
        IFB-131 basket (F6427)
        IFB-201 basket (FB201)

Industrial Fluidised Bath (IFB) ACCESSORIES

CN-100 Cyclone and Collection bin
An efficient wall mounted unit which can extract all the aluminium oxide carried over into the IFB exhaust system when the extraction fan is in operation. The cyclone collection bin allows escaped aluminium oxide to be collected and re-used. An extraction fan and cyclone are recommended unless a suitable extraction hood or fume extraction system is already in place.

The cyclone has no moving parts and requires no power and is simply connector via the ductwork to the extraction fan. This efficient unit is specially designed to give the optimum combination of air flow and pressure drop. The CN-100 is compatible with all fume cleaning equipment and Techne fluidised baths (except IFB-121 and IFB-131). Techne can supply a CN-500 cyclone which has a rectangular mounting flange suitable for IFB-121 and IFB-131. A connecting duct with dilution tee is available for this option.

We recommended a Techne Cyclone is fitted before the scrubber to avoid loss of aluminium oxide particulates into the scrubber.

Lids are a vital part of the IFB process to contain the alundum and retain heat. They are designed to allow airflow into the top of the bath and allow clean air to be drawn into the bath and through the exhaust duct when connected to an extraction system. IFB-51, IFB-52 and IFB-101 have an insulated lid. IFB-201 is supplied with a lid/duct as part of the system. All other larger IFB units have a robust stainless steel lid which supports the load of the basket and tooling. These also form part of the fume extraction system.

There are a range of baskets suitable for loading and retrieving tooling from each bath.
Larger baskets used with the IFB–111, IFB–121 and IFB–131 require a hoist to load into the bath.

Extraction Fan
Extraction fans can be supplied to suit all IFB units.
These are powerful 380/415V or 480v 3 phase fans delivering an extraction rate of 250CFM (425m³/hr) for the smaller baths.
Larger baths or systems with an AB–100 require a 1000CFM (1700m³/hr) Fan available in either 380/415V or 480v 3 phase

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
FSCN1 CN-100 Cyclone and collection bin for IFB-51, IFB-52, IFB-101 and IFB-201
FSCN5 CN-500 Cyclone and collection bin for IFB-121 and IFB-131
F6156 Lid for IFB-51 and IFB-52
F5967 Lid for IFB-101
F6425 Lid for IFB-121 and IFB-131
FA624 Basket for IFB-51 (standard basket)
FA625 Basket for IFB-51 (deep basket, used with extraction collar)
7031658 Basket for IFB-52 (standard basket)
7031659 Basket for IFB-52 (deep basket, used with extraction collar)
F5976 Basket for IFB-101
F6426 Basket for IFB-121
F6427 Basket for IFB-131
FB201 Basket for IFB-201
F6157 Extraction collar for IFB-51 and IFB-52
F5243 Fan 250 CFM 380 415V 3 Phase, 50Hz
F5243-60Hz Fan 250 CFM 380 415V 3 Phase, 60Hz
F5148 Fan 1000 CFM 380 415v 3 Phase
F5915 Filter Pressure regulator for IFB-51 and IFB-52Filter Pressure regulator for IFB-51 and IFB-52
F6110 Reducing spiggot for IFB-101 and 111 from 150mm diameter to suit 100mm diameter ductwork
FSCN5D Duct to connect CN-500 to IFB-121 or 131

Replacement Alundum (Course, brown aluminium oxide)
Alundum is available to top-up any lost through normal operation. Please do not use alternative fluidising medium. Only Techne alundum guarantees correct operation, performance and functionality.

Product Code Description Net Weight
BROWN/ALO Alundum - Brown Aluminium Oxide, 25Kg 25Kg

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