TU-20D TU-20D + Cooling coil


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Techne® invented the "Clip On" thermoregulator in 1948, and now offer four units. Thermoregulators are designed to be used with the Techne® unheated water baths or any other suitable laboratory vessels. They will heat, circulate and safely control the temperature of the liquid in the bath within precise limits.

• A wider temperature range of -40°C* to 200°C
• Excellent temperature stability: ±0.005°C at 40°C
• 1.8kW heater power for fast heat up
• 4 digit setting with a bright LED digital temperature display
• This unit incorporates an RS232 connection
• User adjustable over-temperature cut-out
• Low liquid level cut-out as standard

Technical Specification

Specifications to DIN 12876 TU-20D
Temperature range* –40°C to +200°C
Temperature selection Digital
Temperature stability using water @ 40°C ±0.005°C
Method of control PID
Temperature sensor PRT
Adjustable over-temperature cut-out Yes
Low liquid level cut-out Yes
PC Interface Yes RS232
Pump capacity litres/minute 10
Pump capacity (mbar) 145
Nominal heater power at 120V (W) 1500
Nominal heater power at 240V (W) 1800
Cooling coil No
Extension below base (mm) 145
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 237 x 124 x 260
Shipping weight 4.0kg

* Refrigeration or cooling coil required for below ambient cooling (see Techne Flow and Dip Coolers)

High Temperature Cooling Coil
Accessory designed for assisting in cooling a hot bath more rapidly by flowing tap water or chilled liquid through it, this simple coiled tube attaches to the base of all Techne thermoregulators with ease.
This cooling coil can be used to cool a bath to 5°C above the cooling liquid supply temperature.

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
FTU20DDC TU-20D advanced thermoregulator with RS232, - 40°C to 200°C supplied with clamp (230V)
FTU20DPC TU-20D advanced thermoregulator with RS232, - 40°C to 200°C supplied with clamp (120V)
FCC01 Cooling coil for sub-ambient chilling with tap water

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