FCC01 FFLAT08 F840D Polypropylene spheres


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Bath Accessories

Flat and Gabled Lids
Manufactured from stainless steel and available to fit all sizes of baths to help prevent evaporation losses and contamination of the bath fluid. Gabled lids provide extra working headroom within the bath.

Bath Size Flat Lid Part Code Gabled Lid Part Code
8 litre FFLAT08 FGABLE08
12 litre FFLAT12 FGABLE12
18 & 26 litre FFLAT18 FGABLE18
48 litre FFLAT48 FGABLE48

Probe holder for LCB baths and RB-5A
Designed to fit perfectly in both the LCB-5, LCB-7, LCB-12 and RB-5A, this convenient probe holder has ten Ø12.5mm and eight Ø6.5mm diameter holes to accommodate a variety of probes. It is also fully adjustable to varying insertion depths using simple threaded support rods.

Part Code Description
FBCAL7PH Probe Holder

Adjustable Trays
Supported by a ball chain and clip the stainless steel trays can be used to alter the depth of the bath.

Bath Size Part Code
8 litre FADJ08
12 litre FADJ12
18 litre FADJ18
26 litre FADJ26
48 litre FADJ48

Polypropylene Spheres
A ball blanket is an effective way of reducing evaporation and loss of heat from a water bath. It acts as effectively as a lid, whilst providing instant access to the bath. The 25mm diameter spheres are supplied in packs of 250.

Part Code Description
F840D 250 x 25mm diameter polypropylene spheres

High Temperature Cooling Coil
Designed for assisting in cooling a hot bath more rapidly by flowing tap water or chilled liquid through it, this simple coiled tube attaches to the base of all Techne thermoregulators with ease. This cooling coil can be used to cool a bath to 5°C above the cooling liquid supply temperature.

Part Code Description
FCC01 Cooling coil

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