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FB-08C precision fluidised bath (auto-air)

The FB-08C Precision fluidised bath has exceptional temperature stability and uniformity as well as automatic airflow control and RS-232 comms.

Our most popular Fluidised bath is used to carry out shape setting (heat treatment processing) of Stents from Nitinol wire in a safe, precisely controlled and uniform manner.

This model is specially designed to allow the operating temperature of the fluidised bath to be adjusted from a remote source while the bath is unsupervised. An automatic fluidising air control system is fitted which adjusts the air flow rate accordingly to suit the set temperature of the bath.

Where an ultra stable temperature condition is required a dead bed state can be programmed into the control system. During this condition the air and electrical supply to the fluidised bed are switched off. For a period of up to 6 minutes the fluidised bed becomes an isothermal mass without heat input and very low heat loss. Under these conditions the stability at the centre of the aluminium oxide is ±0.01°C over the range of the unit.

When used with the optional Probe holder accessory for comparison calibrations of temperature sensors the stability and uniformity are better than 0.010°C in dead bed mode.

Dust Suppression System - open FB-08C Accessories in "Further Information"

The Dust Suppression System FFB08DS1 accessory enables the FB-08C user to bolt-on a probe holder and chimney assembly thus sealing the FB-08C and making it suitable for use in a calibration lab where airborne dust must be avoided.

The user is then able to insert temperature probes for calibration purposes, whilst all aluminium oxide is fully contained within the bath. This accessory also allows silent running of the FB-08C. The integrated chimney contains a filter in the upper section and a small exhaust pipe right at the top to prevent pressure build-up. The FFB08DS1 is the best solution for calibrating probes in a fluidised bath within a calibration laboratory.
To replace alumina lost through normal operation and removal of items from the bath. Accept no other substitute as performance and functionality cannot be guaranteed with third party suppliers.

TechneWorks PC Software for full automated FB-08C control

TechneWorks is an easy to use control software for many of our RS232 compatible products.
With the purchase of an activation code, it will allow for full automated control of the FB-08C.

Software Features
• Create, open and save programs with up to 20 set points
• Specify either °C or °F
• Specify ramp rates and hold times
• Log data from the instrument while connected to the computer and export the data to an Excel spreadsheet
• Open, save, view and print logged data
• Run a program in real-time mode
• Specifying the logging interval from every 5 seconds to 60 seconds
• Program daily start and stop times to automatically turn unit off and on for weekly schedules

Technical Specifications

Specifications FB-08C
Temperature range 50°C to 700°C
Dead Bed ±0.01°C
Short Term Temperature stability at 50°C ±0.2°C
Short Term Temperature stability at 600°C ±0.3°C
Long Term Temperature stability at 50°C ±0.5°C
Long Term Temperature stability at 600°C ±0.5°C
Display resolution °C
Type of control 3 term PID
Sensor type K type thermocouple
Heat up time 20°C to 700°C 105 minutes
Cool down time 700°C to 200°C 165 minutes
Air pressure kPa (psi) 420 (60)
Maximum flow Litresminute 127
Nominal heater power at 240V (W) 3000
Weight of medium 16
Working volume Diameter x depth (mm) 165 x 385
Overall size L x W x H (mm) 870 x 515 x 600
Net weight 84 kg

Ordering information

Please note that the alumina must be ordered separately, it is no longer included with the product

Product Code Description Weight of alumina required
F949J FB- 08C Fluidised Bath 230V 50 60Hz Worldwide Spec. Excluding basket and alumina. 25kg
WHITE/ALO Alumina-white aluminium oxide, 25Kg -

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