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TechneWorks PC Software

Techne are pleased to announce the introduction of our FREE OF CHARGE, easy to use control software for many of our RS232 compatible products. This software has been designed to supersede the existing Calsoft and Thermsoft software packages.

It will allow customers to carry out all the tasks previously available on Calsoft and Thermsoft plus many new options on one new package.
This software is fully compatible with the current Techne TU-20D and TU-20HT thermoregulators and older discontinued models such as the TU-20C.

Software Features

Compatible units are as follows:-
Dri-Block Calibrators - Tecal H, S and F models
- New Tecal 1200S High temperature furnace
- New Tecal 700X Precision Dri-Block Calibrator
Thermoregulators - TU-20D and TU-20HT (and TU-20C)
Precision Digital Thermometer - Accu-Temp with RS-232 communication option
Fluidised Baths - FB-08C and TC-8D with RS-232 communication option
TechneWorks software allows connection to a range of Precision Thermometers such as the Techne Accu-Temp, ASL model F250, Accu-TempII and the Cropico 3000 series.
This software enables you to calibrate thermometers and sensors and to then generate calibration certificates using a Techne Liquid bath or Dry block as a temperature source.
The Thermoregulator or Dri-Block's display can act as the reference temperature or connect to a range of external thermometers.

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FTWORKS TechneWorks software CD

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