SB Overspill FlangeSB Overspill Flange
F5915 Air Regulator/FilterF5915 Air Regulator/Filter
F119D Air CompressorF119D Air Compressor
SB-Series Loading BasketsSB-Series Loading Baskets


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SB Accessories

SB Overspill Flange
Fits into the top of the inner container of the SB fluidised baths, giving a wider area across the top of the bath opening. Any alundum that escapes from the fluidised bed falls onto the flange and falls back into the bath. The flange is manufactured from aluminium with an anodised finish. Supplied as standard with each SBL-2D and SBS-4 unit.

Air Pressure Regulator/Filter
Used in conjunction with air supplied from a factory airline to regulate the supply pressure and quality of air into the SBS-4, SBL-2D, BFS, FB-08 and FB-08C fluidised baths. The unit removes oil and moisture from the supply air. Fitted with an automatic drain system.

Air Compressor
For use when a suitable air supply is not available. The compressor delivers an oil and moisture free air supply suitable for the SBS-4, SBL-2D, BFS, FB-08 and FB-08C fluidised baths. Unit comes complete with inlet and oulet filters and a pressure relief valve.

Baskets for SB units
Stainless steel baskets are available for each SB model bath to prenvent workpieces from touching the heater elements, allow good flow of Alundum through the basket and to make retrieval of parts easier.

Replacement Sand (Alundum - Brown Aluminium Oxide)
To replace sand lost through normal operation and removal of items from the bath. Accept no other substitute as performance and functionality cannot be guaranteed with third party suppliers.

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Net Weight
F1133 SBL-2D Overspill Flange 3Kg
F1116 SBS-4 Overspill Flange 3Kg
7030783 and 7030784 SBS-4 Air Pressure Regulator and Filter (ordered seperately, but you need both items) 2Kg
F5915 SBL-2D Air Pressure Regulator and Filter 2Kg
F119D Air Compressor 230V 50Hz 400W 18Kg
F7803 SBL-1 Basket 1.5Kg
F7804 SBL-2 Basket 2.5Kg
F7805 SBL-2D Basket 2.6Kg
F7807 SBS-4 Basket 1.5Kg

Replacement Sand for SB-Series Baths

Product Code Description Net Weight
BROWN/ALO Alundum - Brown Aluminium Oxide, 25Kg 25Kg

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